About Arunodayango

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Arunodaya Shikshan Samiti is to alleviate the sufferings of individuals and families of the poorest communities through sustainable grass roots initiatives aimed at local empowerment, access to basic services and grab the opportunities, in an effort to fulfill basic human rights, embracing a spirit of compassion and services to all humanity.

We wish to bridge between the underdeveloped world and we hope to give back through sharing our experiences abroad with you.

We hope to share our best of knowledge and skills to all and lead them to get employed to reduce poverty and inequality faced by over 80% of the world population and same as our community. And we believe that anyone can be a humanitarian, a peace maker and an advocate for fellow human beings who have not had the opportunity of an abundant life.

All initiatives of ARUNODAYA focus on ensuring equal opportunities for resource poor households through improved access to human development opportunities. As a strategy, ARUNODAYA concentrates on building local capacity, ensuring information and technology availability and enhancing linkages to development infrastructure like credit institutions, market, health and education service providers etc.