About Arunodayango

Arunodaya Shikshan Samiti is registered under the Chhattisgarh Society Act 1973, which is registration number 1337 dated 16-07-2002. Arunodaya Shikshan Samiti has been working to reach the society in a new dimension along with the welfare schemes of the government and private sector for the last 5 years. Arunodaya Shikshan Samiti activities include, but are not limited to environmental, social, advocacy and human rights work. We can work to promote social or political change on a broad scale or very locally. We play a critical part in developing society, improving communities, and promoting citizen participation.


Arunodaya Shikshan Samiti will convert stumbling blocks into stepping stones on a pathway of “Change” That will have multiple impacts on the economically underprivileged, and lead to a “better life” for themselves and their future generation.


Create positive change in the lives of the economically underprivileged and underserved. Execute programs with high efficiency and minimizing costs through partnerships with NGOs, like-minded organizations and government programs. Provide multi-dimensional support for the entire family and not just for the woman. Research and develop innovative solutions to the problems of the urban poor. Programmed must meet our benchmark of “Quality & Beneficiary Satisfaction”.A World free of Poverty and suffering, disparities and injustice, where each of us participates in the large global community to affect social change for the betterment of humanity.

“If we become the change agent, than only we can wish to see the better world ” – Gandhi Ji

Our Mission:

The mission of the Arunodaya Shikshan Samiti is to alleviate the sufferings of individuals and families of the poorest communities through sustainable grass roots initiatives aimed at local empowerment, access to basic services and grab the opportunities, in an effort to fulfill basic human rights, embracing a spirit of compassion and services to all humanity.

We wish to bridge between the underdeveloped world and we hope to give back through sharing our experiences abroad with you.

We hope to share our best of knowledge and skills to all and lead them to get employed to reduce poverty and inequality faced by over 80% of the world population and same as our community. And we believe that anyone can be a humanitarian, a peace maker and an advocate for fellow human beings who have not had the opportunity of an abundant life.

All initiatives of ARUNODAYA focus on ensuring equal opportunities for resource poor households through improved access to human development opportunities. As a strategy, ARUNODAYA concentrates on building local capacity, ensuring information and technology availability and enhancing linkages to development infrastructure like credit institutions, market, health and education service providers etc.