Medical Camp in Rural Villages

Medical Camp in Rural Villages

Our Organization has Organised Medical Camp in Remote Villages where the Doctors came for Health Check up, Treatment given to the Patients and we have Provided Minor Medicines to the Patients. These Camp help the Participants to Lead a Healthy Life. We conduct health camps in rural areas with support of government and other non-government organisation in seven districts of Chhattisgarh.

With the zila panchayat of Bharamgarh, Dantawara district the campaign of sanitation and hygienic awareness is in process by our sanitation plays an important role in health situation. Through Kalajattha, posters, wall writing and focus group discussions in villages. 5 members of we have taken trainings from UNICEF to development of low cost latrines in villages. We are having many agriculture scientists and scholars are members, they always plays a vital role in such programme.

The major issues of this sanitation campaign are-

  • Behaviour change
  • Practicing hygienic practices for daily activities.
  • Cleaning of hand pump surrounding and farming. Cleaning unwanted pits.
  • Use of safe drinking water.

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